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Lionel Kevis
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Online Meetings
There are a number of weekly online group activities and meetings for Youth & Families Ministry including, Junior Church, Youth Club, Craftzone and Home Groups. Please email if you would like to join any of these.
David Bennie

Family Service Online

Family Service Sunday 11th October

Who Are We

"We serve the Lord God Almighty: we are a warm, friendly, Christ centered community that welcomes your company and offers support"

Who Are We

Welcoming - Supportive - Loving - Generous - Ambitious

Introducing St Mary’s Church community

St. Mary's Church  in Leigh, Kent  has been the centre of Christian life in the village  and a focus for the local community for hundreds of years.  St Mary's holds a variety of services formal and informal, traditional and modern. They include services based on the traditional Book of Common Prayer, formal Common Worship services, and two lively Family Services monthly. We also run Craftzone, a children`s church club, held in the school hall on Thursday afternoons and Totzone, parent & toddlers group on Wednesdays at the churchs Genner Rooms.  On some occasions we move our services to the village green. At Christmas, Easter and on other significant dates such as Remembrance Sunday our church is full to overflowing, but we always find room for everyone. Whatever the time of year we always welcome visitors or newcomers to church. Check the website or our monthly parish news for dates and times of services. Coffee is available every Sunday in the church Genner rooms at around 10.30 am  so come and have a chat, get to know  members of the congregation and find out what  is going on. Our Vicar Lionel and Youth and Families Minister David are always ready to help so feel free to get in touch.

Note: if you are not local Leigh is pronounced to rhyme with fly and tie

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