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St Marys Church Leigh

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Children's Health

Valuable resource alerts parents to the symptoms of common illnesses, advice on immunization, remedies and emergency first aid.

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Childrens Charities

National Charities specifically for children on the Charity Choice website.

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Medinfo - Head lice

Read about the louse's transmission and breeding habits, and find out how to inspect a child for lice. Includes instructions for "bug busting."

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NHS Direct

For All Your Health Care Questions. Advice on what to do if you or your family feel ill plus information about health conditions or NHS services.

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National Institute of Child Health and Human Development offers details about research, prevention, epistemology, and employment

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Child Care - Direct Gov website with information about all aspects of childcare including nannies, free childcare, schools and nurseries.

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Child Maintenance Service

The Child Support Agency is now the Child Maintenance Service.and is responsible for running the child support system - to assess, collect and pay child support maintenance, ensuring that parents who live apart meet their financial responsibilities to their children. The CSA is part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

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Department for Education

Advice and information for parents including school performance, local education statistics, finding schools, bullying, school meals, etc. This site has a long way to go. Click clicking and see it gets there!

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Nat Council for One Parent Families

Tel.No. 0800 018 5026

Parenting Advice

Offers expert parenting advice from pregnancy onwards. Topics include breast feeding, baby development, health and more.

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Parentline Plus

Get valuable advice on becoming a parent and coping with children from this charity, which also runs a helpline. With publications and news.

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Quick Baby Names

Baby names and their meanings - more than 20,000 searchable baby names and their meanings, with popularity charts based on US statistics.
You can also listen to the pronunciation of each name.

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St Mary's Church
Leigh, Kent
Vicar: Rev'd Lionel Kevis
01732 833022

Coffee Stop
Meet up with friends and make new ones over coffee. 10.00 - 11.30 am every Wednesday in the Genner Room, St Marys Church, Leigh.
Tea and cake also available.

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