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The Church Times has become the world's leading Anglican weekly newspaper. It has always been independent of the Church of England. It was a family concern until 1989, when ownership passed to Hymns Ancient & Modern, a Christian charitable trust. The Church Times was started to campaign for Anglo-Catholic principles, which it did with vigour! But in the 1940s and '50s the paper began the move to broaden its outlook and coverage. It now attempts to provide balanced and fair reporting of events and opinions across the whole range of Anglican affairs.

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An alternative news website that, from a position of commitment, looks objectively at religious trends in an accessible rather than cynical way. A unique blend of iconoclasm and devotion, where the ridiculous is vigorously exposed and genuine spirituality actively pursued.

Spiritually Feeds

You will be Perfect as your Heavenly Father is Perfect

I don’t want you to be discouraged trying to be holy and perfect like me. I know there is the command you will be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect, but I hope you realize trying to live like me is impossible and it can make you feel like a failure. The perfection I […]

Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?

My closest friends were arguing who is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. John and James even dared to ask if they would be able to sit on my right or left hand when I entered my kingdom. This discussion occurred more than once, and one day there were a gathering of children, and […]

I am Present with You every Moment of the Day

I am with you throughout the night before you wake and near you when troubling questions spring to life as you open your eyes at the light of dawn. When you worry whether the day will bring heartache or trouble trust me that I will lead and guide you through it. I am present with […]

My Love for You

It is nearly impossible for you to comprehend how much I love you. In the world, few things compare to My love except a mother’s love for her children. A mother’s love mirrors My love for you. Her unconditional love highlights the Heavenly Father’s compassion for all humanity. My heart breaks for everyone who feels […]

In the Silence of Eden

You dwell in a world where you no longer believe it is possible to live in an intimate relationship with me. I want you to remember in the garden we walked and met in the cool of the day. In the silence of Eden, we communed one on one. There was no agenda with what […]

I Am Waiting for You

I am waiting for you to converse with me in the silence one-on-one. I patiently wait for you to cease your endless activity and release the troubling thoughts that keep you from discovering peace and contentment in my presence. (Come and Rest in My Presence) No longer attack yourself in your mind with fearful thoughts […]

Come and Rest in My Presence

I invite you to come and rest in my presence. Offer me your weary heart and soul with your cares and worries concerning your family and friends. The weight of your struggle makes you anxious, and you carry the responsibility of the world on your shoulders. Now is the time to focus your eyes on […]

My Self-Dominated Mind

There is an inherent power in my life that decides what I like, what I want, and what I think is best for my family and friends. This power believes it can provide me happiness and searches relentlessly for everything needed for my gratification.  It has an insatiable appetite for money, recognition, success, cars, and […]


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