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DAY          FREQ.          TIME    CONTACT         TEL./E-MAIL

Tuesday    Weekly    7.45pm p.m   David Bennie       isdaddyrasta@gmail.com  
Tuesday    Weeks 1&3  10.30 a.m  Wendy Sellicks  01732 832236   david.sellicks@uwclub.net
Tuesday    Fortnightly    8 p.m    Linda Boyd         01732 838452    lindaleigh@uwclub.net
Thurs.       Fortnightly    8 p.m   Geoff Dalby        01732 832227     geoff@pfo.eclipse.co.uk
Wed.        Weekly (post alpha group) David Bennie isdaddyrasta@gmail.com 

Bell Ringing

St.Mary's tower houses five bells cast in 1871 and one bell cast in 1931, all by Whitechapel Bell Foundry. The tenor bell weighs 8 cwt 2 qrs whilst the remainder range in weight from just under
4 cwt to nearly 7 cwt.
Practices are held on Wednesday evenings in preparation for Sunday services, weddings and other special events. New members are welcome.
Please contact: Stella Wooldridge Tel. 01892 870323
                            David James           Tel. 01732 833938
                            Arthur Lewis           Tel. 01732 833113
St.Mary's also visits from other "Towers".
Further information can be found on the following websites;

Parish News Magazine

EDITOR            Cherry O'Neill          01732 838756    cherry.oneill@btinternet.com
ADVERTISING  Andy Stewart          01732 838871    andy.stewart@o2.co.uk
DISTRIBUTOR  Christine Furneaux 01732 838933    cmfurneaux@btinternet.com

St.Mary's Church, Leigh Parish News is published monthly and printed together with a further three parish magazines and other contracted work using the Church's own high quality printing equipment. We have significant spare capacity and would welcome contracts. Please contact Michael Doggett for further information; Tel. 01732 833470  e-mail: michaeldoggett@btinternet.com

Pastoral Team

Who Are We?

Rev Lionel Kevis - 833022
Chris Davidson - 834215
Sylvia Ansell - 
Wendy Sellicks - 832236
Eve Lucas - 832551
Margaret Evans - 834046
Jill Kaye - 835297
Julie Porter (Pastoral Assistant) - 833713 Mob:07706936759

What Do We Do?

We meet together at 9am, fortnightly, in the Genner Rooms, on Tuesdays.
We begin our meeting with a short morning service followed by prayers.
As a group we bring before the team anybody needing a prayer or a visit.
If you, or anyone you know needs pastoral help, please contact one of the above.

All information is kept confidential.
St Mary's Church
Leigh, Kent
Vicar: Rev'd Lionel Kevis
01732 833022

Coffee Stop
Meet up with friends and make new ones over coffee. 10.00 - 11.30 am every Wednesday in the Genner Room, St Marys Church, Leigh.
Tea and cake also available.