The Friends of St. Mary's Church, Leigh

Our Church, St. Mary's, is a treasure, to maintain it as such and to preserve it for our community costs money. The "Friends of St. Mary's" is a charity, supported by Leigh’s villagers and others, which pays for works which do not qualify for a Diocesan grant. Recent examples are some essential tree-felling and a new brick path in the churchyard.  Nothing is contributed to the Church’s clerical/ecumenical outgoings.  Quotes are sought for works, and the Accounts are independently verified annually - and anything spent by the charity will be detailed in the Parish magazine.

For those believers and 'non-believers' who wish to offer support, ‘The Friends’ is an easy and effective way to do so.  Might you help, too?  Donations can be 'one-off', or regularly via a Banker's order. Any and all contributions, of however much, will be useful and appreciated.

To Donate:
Simply contact Roger Field (details below) who will provide a simple form enabling a donation (including a Gift Aid Declaration so that St Mary's can claim a valuable tax benefit, if you wish).
Roger Field, South View, The Green, Leigh, Kent TN11 8QR
Tel: 01732 832143
Otherwise, do contact any of the other Trustees: 
Geoff Dalby, Julie Baggott, Steve Hale or Bernard De Saulles.