St. Mary's PCC

PCC Dates

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a group of church members who are elected on a 3 yearly cycle to support the Vicar and Churchwardens in administering the church, deciding priorities and planning for the future.

They meet bi-monthly (currently on zoom). A standing committee of six members
meets in the interim to make urgent decisions and advise the PCC. 

The annual parochial church meeting is normally held in April each year
to elect Churchwardens and PCC members. 

SC       Wed 14 Oct at 9.30 am

PCC     Mon 9 Nov at 7.45 pm

SC       Wed 16 Dec at 9.30 am

PCC     Mon 11 Jan at 7.45 pm

SC        Wed 10 Feb at 9.30 am

PCC     Mon 8 March at 7.45 pm

APCM  Mon 12 April at 8 pm tbc